More than just a performance tune

VIN & ECU Specific Calibration

With the BAE Tuning performance suites, no two software files are alike. Our software is among the most highly-calibrated and customizable you will find for today's modern singe-turbo and twin-turbo charged BMW platforms... with stability, safety & performance being our key objectives

Complete Drivetrain Enhancements

In order to safely & reliably harness the extensive power gains achieved by our tuning, our software suites include track-ready calibration of your BMW's transmission, differential and suspension & traction systems. Installation of aftermarket drivetrain upgrades can unlock even higher levels of our performance tuning

Comprehensive Custom Coding

Customize & unlock hidden features found in your BMW's iDrive, navigation, entertainment, lighting & safety systems and more. Ask about our tuning/coding packages...combine our custom coding services with any performance tune and save with a custom-tailored bundle package

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BAE Tuning is the exclusive BMW performance software offered at Preferred Customs

Contact the sales team at Preferred Customs in sunny South Florida for pricing, details, and assistance on all BAE Tuning software requests and information. Looking to upgrade your BMW's engine, exhaust, suspension, wheels or tires... contact Preferred Customs and ask them to take you vehicle to the next level!

BAE Tuning

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